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We have an anniversary celebration at Cooll!

This week there was a party at Cooll, our colleague Bart Custers had been with us for 10 years. We put him in the spotlight and thanked him for his efforts over the past 10 years, in which we have taken major steps together in the development of the successor to the high-efficiency boiler.

Press release: Van Dorp invests in Cooll’s heat pump technology

The Van Dorp Groep invests in Cooll's heat pump technology; a compact adsorption heat pump that can replace the current HR boiler, without requiring major adjustments. The investment is part of a financing round that should lead to upscaling and a large-scale global market introduction. Van Dorp and Cooll are also entering into a long-term partnership. For example, Van Dorp will install the first series of heat pumps in 50 homes.

Cooll is part of the GROHW hydrogen group

In the GROHW partnership, Cooll will test its super-efficiency boiler in practice with green hydrogen as an energy carrier. A collective of 10 local companies and (knowledge) institutions are working on the energy transition with green hydrogen as the most important building block. All parties are jointly developing a total hydrogen chain, from production to use, on a local scale.

Vote for Cooll for the Heat Pump Award!

Cooll has registered for the Heat Pump Award with the demonstration project that we carried out in Uden at the beginning of this year. Help us win the audience award and vote for our project!

The IPCC’s Climate Report

Yesterday the new and sixth climate report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was presented. IPCC is the United Nations' climate working group. A new report is published every six to seven years. De Volkskrant made an overview of the ten most important points in the report of 9 August 2021:

Cooll in webcast Startup in Residence

Cooll zal een belangrijke rol gaan spelen in de energietransitie. Ook binnen de provincie Overijssel laten we onze technologie zien binnen het programma Startup In Residence, Bekijk hier het interview met Cooll dat plaats vond voor de webcast van Startup in Residence!

What is the future role of green hydrogen for heating homes?

In the discussion about the future role of green hydrogen, reports regularly appear that it is unwise to use green hydrogen for heating homes. Houses could be heated better with electric heat pumps that operate on green electricity. This is a misconception for a number of reasons. In this article we share our vision on using green hydrogen for home heating.

High Tech Fund grants additional financing to Cooll

After two previous successful applications, the High Tech Fund has again awarded additional funding to Cooll. This allows the production capacity for the heat pump core to be further expanded. In addition, a budget will also be made available to build endurance test set-ups, which can be used to demonstrate the long-term stability of the technology.