Press release: Van Dorp invests in Cooll’s heat pump technology


The Van Dorp Groep invests in Cooll’s heat pump technology; a compact adsorption heat pump that can replace the current HR boiler, without requiring major adjustments. The investment is part of a financing round that should lead to upscaling and a large-scale global market introduction. Van Dorp and Cooll are also entering into a long-term partnership. For example, Van Dorp will install the first series of heat pumps in 50 homes.

Heat pump technology that can replace the high-efficiency boiler

Heat pump technology that can replace HR boiler
The company Cooll Sustainable Energy Solutions, which originated from the University of Twente, has developed heat pump technology that can replace the current high efficiency boiler one-to-one and save up to 50% gas. This invention, also referred to as a ‘super-efficiency boiler’, is ideally suited for existing homes. Due to lack of space, noise nuisance, limited heat emission or high investment costs, electric or hybrid heat pump systems do not always appear to be a socially broadly supported alternative. Cooll’s adsorption heat pump currently still heats with natural gas, but can also heat with other green gases such as hydrogen gas.

From development to scaling up

Van Dorp has been closely involved in the development for 10 years and, thanks to this investment, is now also making upscaling possible. Henk Willem van Dorp: “We pay a lot of attention to making installations and buildings more sustainable because of our intrinsic motivation to leave the world a better place. We are committed to sustainable techniques and opt for all-electric where possible, but we also believe in Cooll’s technology because it is a future-proof alternative for buildings for which an electric or hybrid heat pump system is not yet feasible. In addition, the system has been made suitable for heating with hydrogen gas, a development in which we have great confidence and are happy to pioneer.”

Cooll CEO Stefan van Uffelen: “After more than ten years of developing our patented thermal heat pump technology, we are now entering the market. The first series have already been awarded in full to residential investors and housing associations, but we have already started preparations for large-scale production, which we are realizing with our production partners. We are therefore very pleased with the confidence that Van Dorp has in us. Scaling up our technology and the production process requires major financing, totaling 16 million euros. In collaboration with No Five Trees, we are currently approaching various parties that, like Van Dorp, want to invest in the energy transition. With Van Dorp’s investment, we have taken a great first step, which gives us confidence for a sustainable future.”