An energy-efficient and affordable heating solution

Cooll’s thermally driven heat pump replaces the condensing boiler in existing or new homes. It is powered by natural gas or hydrogen and compatible with both high- and low-temperature heating. It achieves a reduction on gas usage and CO2 emissions of 25-40% without increasing electricity consumption.

How does our technology work?

A unique feature of our patented technology is the compression of refrigerant with a heat-driven adsorption compressor. The required heat comes from burning gas or hydrogen. To quickly understand how it works and why it sets us apart from our competitors, we’ve created the short video below.

Cooll Thermally Driven Heat Pump

What is our target audience?

The past 20 years have been all about development. Our technology has now advanced to such an extent that it’s ready for commercialisation. We don’t want to go to mass production ourselves. Instead, we’re searching globally for partners to cooperate or implement our certified technology.

HVAC professionals

We are looking for HVAC companies that produce condensing boilers or heat pumps, but see added value in the implementation of our thermally driven heat pump technology into their line of products.

Capital investors

We’ve been funded by our founders, informal investors, private investors, Dutch grants and European subsidies. To scale up in Europe, the United States and Asia, we’re looking for additional capital.


We would like to get in touch with governmental bodies which have defined concrete targets to reduce carbon emissions but want to achieve those with minimal impact on the electricity grid.

What’s going on at Cooll?

Press releases, pilot project and recent developments: you’ll read all there is to know about us here.

KIWA certification for our heat pump

Cooll’s thermally driven heat pump containing our patented adsorption technology has been awarded the KIWA EU Type Examination certificate. This means our technology has been independently reviewed and approved on a wide range of safety aspects.

KIWA EU Type Examination certificate