Dutch government boosts Coolls ambitions

On Tuesday 17 May, the Dutch government announced that from 2026, when central heating systems must be replaced, people will have to switch to a more sustainable alternative.

We believe this is good news for the energy transition because it is a short-term call for action. The government confirms that in the Netherlands we must gradually reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in a feasible way and the way in which this can be done leaves the cabinet to the residents themselves. This confirms the relevance of the energy transition through the gas network.

This is very good news for Cooll as it means that energy-saving technologies such as hybrid heat pumps, including our SuperHybrid, will become the standard for heating homes. This means that the Cooll SuperHybrid heat pump fits in seamlessly with the government’s energy policy.

In this way, the government provides clarity about the relevance of our progressive technology for the coming years. The competitor in the replacement market that Cooll focuses on is the condensing boiler, which will therefore no longer be an option from 2026 onwards.