Press release: Cooll’s heating solution of the future, tested in a house in Kampen

Cooll from Enschede is testing the successor to the high-efficiency boiler that saves 30% on gas consumption.

Saving on gas consumption is more topical than ever and can be achieved in various ways. By making homes more sustainable with insulation, but also by introducing modern heat solutions with a higher efficiency.

The efficiency that is 30% better than the modern high-efficiency boiler has recently been confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute: Cooll approved by two institutes

Energy label from D to B

Making homes more sustainable is high on the agenda in the Netherlands. The technology is promising because without major adjustments to the home, without loss of space and comfort, a saving of 30% is achieved on gas consumption and CO2 emissions. A home can then, for example, go from energy label D to B, which is a substantial improvement. “In this way we can also combat energy poverty”, says Johannes Burger, CTO of Cooll.

Pilot is important for the future

At the end of 2021, KIWA thoroughly tested the test models and the heat pump received a CE GAR field test certificate. Obtaining this certificate enables this field test and gives us insights for the final product design. The installation and behavior of the heat pump provide us with a wealth of information for further development,” says Stefan van Uffelen, CEO of Cooll.


Stefan van Uffelen continues: “After more than ten years of developing our patented thermal heat pump technology, we are now entering the market. We are going to show the world that this is the heating solution of the future. Not only in the Netherlands of course. Next year we want to produce 50 high-efficiency boilers, some of which will also be available for pilots in the United Kingdom and Germany. Then the foreign adventure begins for Cooll.

The development is made possible by the Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO)