Cooll’s heat pump approved by two independent institutes

In the last quarter of 2021, Cooll’s heat pump was subjected to various extensive tests by two independent institutes.

Fraunhofer: Heat pump performs better than expected

In October, three colleagues from Cooll traveled to the German Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg for an extensive and independent test of our second functional model. Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organisation. The research work of the Fraunhofer Institutes is aimed at concrete applications and results.

The tested model is the device that was used in Uden last winter, without the latest technological improvements that Cooll is currently working on. It is important for Cooll to accurately determine the performance of each model so that we can take the right technological next steps in a very targeted way.

We are therefore very pleased that this model from 2019/2020 achieves an energy saving of 27% compared to a modern high-efficiency boiler. That is above expectations for this model and we are very happy with it.

The developments and improvements to the third functional model, which we will test in practice this winter in a production run of five, will certainly improve the performance. We expect to exceed the promised 30% here.

KIWA: CE GAR certification for safe field tests

Our third functional model was extensively tested at KIWA in November. This demonstrates that we comply with the applicable regulations (Gas Appliance Regulation) and that we have had the heat pump inspected by an independent third party based on a set set of requirements.

The device has successfully passed all tests and has therefore received a field test certification (GAR). This means that the above-mentioned five practical test models can be safely placed in inhabited homes in Kampen, Enschede and Brabant this winter.