Zondag met Lubach – stop using gas or not?

Lubach showed last night in his “Zondag met Lubach” broadcast that it is not yet feasible and also not useful to stop using gas from homes in the Netherlands. The way of work to stop using gas costs a great amount of money, while only a small effect is achieved. Lubach explained that it is more efficient to first insulate the large group of poorly insulated homes, which yields greater savings on natural gas than removing poorly insulated homes from the gas. The Cooll gas heat pump is a perfect solution, in addition to any insulation, to save another 30 to 50% on the remaining gas consumption, and just as much on CO2 emissions. This gas heat pump will be on the market for consumers after 2022 and will eventually also be suitable for hydrogen and biogas. The Cooll technology is now being tested in practice by a number of housing associations in the Netherlands. Want to know more? Check out cooll.com

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Click here to watch the “Zondag met Lubach” episode (in Dutch).

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