Team Cooll is expanding

As of December 1, 2020, the Cooll team has been expanded with two employees, namely Jori Garst and Jan van Buuren.

Jori started with us as a Senior Production Engineer. He will be helping to transform the process of making the prototypes into a production process. He will be involved in, among other things, setting up a quality system, the use of the correct quality controls and the standardization of production processes. Jori: “In recent years I have worked as a process and production engineer and I can use this experience to advance Cooll’s production process. I think it is very nice to participate in the social contribution that Cooll makes to reduce CO2 emissions and I hope to be able to install such a heat pump in my own home one day.”

Jan started at Cooll as an experienced Product Development Engineer. He can put his 30 years of experience in design and engineering to good use to bring the concept of Cooll’s adsorption heat pump to the market. Jan has already earned his spurs in the energy transition and has designed several heat pumps to his name. Due to his work at both renowned design agencies and manufacturers, he knows the development process from concept to production. Jan is going to work with a lot of energy to make his contribution to CO2 reduction.

Like Jori, he will soon feel at home in the Cooll team!