Cooll heat pump soon suitable for 100% hydrogen

Cooll is currently working hard on the development of its 100% hydrogen heat pump. Currently, two of our heat pumps are already operating successfully on a mix of hydrogen and natural gas in the unique GROHW project in Deventer (Netherlands).

The GROHW project is one of the world’s first global local green hydrogen networks in operation. GROHW stands for Green Oxygen Hydrogen and Wasteheat ( GROHW provides an energy ecosystem that counteracts rising grid congestion. From locally produced green power and green hydrogen production to end-use applications such as office heating with a hybrid heat pump or hydrogen burners in a regional asphalt plant. The end goal is to develop a technical blueprint to enable successful replication elsewhere in the world.

We are incorporating the experience from the GROHW project into the development of our heat pump which is suitable for 100% hydrogen. This is being developed by Cooll together with industrial partners from the heating sector.

The new H2 heat pump is expected to be ready in the fourth quarter of 2023. This is expected to be the world’s first thermally driven heat pump that runs entirely on hydrogen and consumes 30% less hydrogen than a regular hydrogen-powered condensing boiler. In a similar setting as now in the GROHW project, we then want to test this heat pump.

The European Union is actively promoting hydrogen applications. As a result, we are seeing more and more initiatives and projects in Europe where hydrogen applications are being tested and deployed. Our unique hydrogen-powered heat pump can play an essential role in these developments. Indeed, an economical hydrogen-powered heat pump makes the application of hydrogen in the built environment more realistic.