KIWA certification for our heat pump

KIWA EU Type Examination certificate
Cooll’s thermally driven heat pump containing our patented adsorption technology has been awarded the KIWA EU Type Examination certificate. This means our technology has been independently reviewed and approved on a wide range of safety aspects: the Pressure Equipment Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive and now also the Gas Appliance Regulation. Directives which all led to a heat pump which is cleared for safe use in houses, appartments and other buildings. This KIWA certification ( represents a crucial step in the commercialization of our unique technology which enables savings of 30-40% in gas consumption (and CO2 emissions) in comparison with traditional condensing boilers. As a crucial bonus, the Cooll heat pump technology is hydrogen ready, which is another enabler of a different route of the decarbonization of heating, using the existing infrastructure rather than causing a congestion in electricity networks while keeping houses at a comfortable temperature even in winter times. Thermally driven heat pumps are an important piece of the puzzle called the energy transition.