By 2050, 7 million homes and 1 million buildings will have to stop using natural gas. That means a) insulating and b) using sustainable heat and electricity. A lot needs to be done, but there is still almost 30 years left to get it done.

As a first step, the first 1.5 million existing homes must be made more sustainable by 2030. Cooll’s thermodynamic heat pump will use gas as fuel in the first rollout. However, 30% less gas is needed to heat the house compared to existing condensing boilers. CO2 emissions are also 30% lower. By insulating the house, much higher combined savings in gas consumption and CO2 emissions can be achieved, depending, of course, entirely on the degree of insulation. Insulation is usually the best first step in realizing savings.

This way, we contribute to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. The product has been developed in such a way that the heat pump can also function on biogas and hydrogen in the future; only the burner needs to be adjusted for this. In other words, a flexible solution that is prepared for the future.