Our heat pump technology combines the energy gain of a heat pump with the reliability of a central heating appliance, without extra electricity consumption. This creates an efficient heating solution that can be easily integrated into almost any home. Our heat pump runs on natural gas, LNG, biogas and hydrogen. 

Product description

  • Basic appliance with internal outdoor air exchanger
  • 10 kW heating power
  • Provision for domestic hot water and peak power
  • Dimensions: (d)50 x (w)60 x (h)120 cm
  • Required air duct for outside connection: (d)50 × (w)40 cm


  • Silent, compact en comfortable
  • Replacement within a day
  • Annual savings of 30 to 40%
  • Suitable for standard radiators (high temperature)
  • Also works at outside temperatures well below zero
  • Natural refrigerant without Global Warming Potential
  • The same ease of use and comfort as you are used to from your central heating boiler


  • Buffer tank for efficient domestic hot water preparation
  • Combination with solar thermal buffer tank
  • Heat recovery from ventilation air for improved efficiency
  • Water/water heat pump variant for use with external heat source (land-based source, PVT)


Our heat pumps are being demonstrated in our partners’ homes. From 2023 onwards, we’re installing on a project basis. Are you interested in our technology? Please contact us. Cooll operates exclusively B2B.